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You are not alone!

Back pain is the #1 cause of disability worldwide, and our team suffers from back pain too.


That is exactly why our mission is to help you find balance and love life through innovative product experiences that allow you to improve your posture, productivity, and health throughout the day.


We want to change the statistics and fight for a back pain-free world!

“One part of our body that is vital to our balance is our spine. It’s the center of our body, from which everything revolves and connects us to our lives, happiness, and relationships. 


It’s time that we listen to our spine and pay attention to our posture. Bad posture keeps us from being active and living our lives to the fullest. 


Together with our team of iconic and world-class teams of Designers, Doctors, Biomechanics, Physical therapists, Orthopedic Surgeons, Hospitals, and Chiropractors, Posture AI products are designed to support your daily life as you sleep, sit, stand or stride. With Posture AI, life goes full circle!


Love Balance. Love Life.”


William Choi

Co-Founder & CEO


Align your body and optimize your posture in every move you make

Posture AI was built to be a practical lifestyle solution to help you and everyone live life to the fullest, rather than spending our precious time stressed and trying to manage back pain.
“Posture AI is always innovating and finding real ways to help people. They are a young and dynamic team and we are excited to be joining their mission to relieve the world of pain."

Dr. IL-Tae Jang,

Founder & Chairman, Nanoori Orthopedic Hospital

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