Live your best life, we’ve got your back

Improve your health and lower your chance of developing chronic or long-lasting back pain.




Scientifically engineered
to improve your life

Your body operates best when it is long, strong, and upright for overall health and longevity.
And that’s easy to achieve when you have discreet apparel to help you out throughout the day.
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Highly accurate posture sensor

Posture support t-shirt

Real-time tracking app

PostureSense® is fitted into the shirt for optimal comfort and functionality.

- Up to 72h battery life

- iOs and Android

- Light as a feather

- Gentle vibrations

Outerwear and innerwear, it is ergonomically designed to gently pull your shoulders and remind you to correct your posture while strengthening your muscles.
Real-Time 360̊ monitoring, customizable for your own posture angles, daily posture goals, visualization & charts, user data analysis, AI based coaching, tailored workout solutions.

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