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Confidence starts with good posture

How’s your posture now? Shoulders rolled back and core engaged?
Didn’t think so.
Getting that perfect spine back isn’t going to be a quick fix if you try by yourself.




Everything starts with a habit

Building better posture requires training and consistency, and that’s easy to achieve when you have discreet apparel like Posture AI to help you out throughout the day. 

Gentle reminders for a pain-free life

Track your posture, achieve daily goals, and receive immediate feedback while understanding your history, progress, and personal posture trends and habits. 

Technology to improve your health

Our functional products feature Active Posture Technology to trigger the body’s involuntary posture muscles to naturally maintain a healthy posture, while connected to the user's smart device for real-time monitoring and notifications.

Functional products for instant correction

Alerts you of

poor posture

Analyzation to better understand self

Seamless daily


A better life starts with Posture AI

  • Reduce the stress on your muscles and joints

  • Improve your breathing

  • Increase your life expectancy

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Strengthen your core muscles

Customer Reviews

Christina D.

I can feel the shirt pulling my shoulders back and the sensor nudging me to sit up straight. I am currently using IOS, and am excited to see more customized features on the app!

 Roberto C.

Amazing product while beta testing. Wearing the shirt and sensor while working helped improve my posture and can see all angles of my body. Having exercises in the app would be great.

Benny C.

I like how both the shirt and sensor compliment each other, and my posture habits definitely improved within days. I can just put the shirt on and forget about it, though the sensor keeps alerting me when I'm in bad posture.

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